FCC Online License Access & Filings

FCC Online License Access & Filings

As a new HAM you learned you can start operating as soon as your Call Sign appears in the FCC database. A link to an official copy of your license will be e-mailed to you if you provided your e-mail address while completing your NCVEC 605 form. However, the link is only valid for 30 days.
Thankfully, the FCC has an online system where you can download an official copy of your license after 30 days. There are a number of additional features for managing your contact info, license renewals, and vanity call sign request.
Getting access to the online FCC system as a new HAM was confusing for me. For reference the procedure is outlined below.

  • Head over to CORES (Commission Registration System) and register for a new account
  • Once logged into CORES you’ll need to associate your FRN (FCC Registration Number) with your new account. If you don’t know your FRN number search the FCC License Database for your Call Sign. Your FRN will be listed with your license information.
    • While associating your FRN in CORES you’ll be prompted for authorization. This is where I ran into problems. It turns out you need to contact the FCC to establish a “Personal Security Question”. The process via phone (877-480-3201) took maybe 5 minutes. You may also submit a request online.
  • After your FRN is associated in CORES, head on over to the FCC ULS site. Enter your FRN number in the “Username” Field. Your Password is the same password you used in CORES.
  • Once logged into ULS you may download a copy of your license, update your address, file a Vanity Call sign application, and much more!   

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